Reviews Everyone

”The title makes it clear from the outset that this album |…] is not exactly a cheerful piece of work. Nevertheless, the music is exceptionally beautiful and persuasive.”
Heaven Magazine (NL), Album Of The Week

“Sometimes I get a vibe from the chamber rock made by Belgian bands in the 1970s and 80s. Where the momentous and solemn was of primary importance. Everyone’s Too Sad For Everything has the same reflective, and slightly dark, approach. There is though a bit of unruly mischievousness in the music – seriousness with a playful attitude. Fascinating and wonderful!”
Lira Gillar

”The imagery throughout remains subtle yet complex in its own way, and the players are definitely up to the task of bringing it all to life.” (US)

”Scandinavian masters of minimalistic storms” (Canada)

”sehr melodisch und auch melancholisch beschrieben, von hoher Vorstellungskraft behaftet”
Musik an sich, 16/20 (DE)