Excerpts from live concerts with Erik Dahl Ensemble 2022-23. The music is from the album Everyone’s Too Sad For Everything.

Music performed:
The Woods Within (Live at Studio T O N K O N T R O L)
Unfolding (Live at Studio T O N K O N T R O L)
Lagim (Live at Musiken hus)
Too Sad (Live at Skeppet Gbg)

Anna Cochrane, violin/viola
Andreas Thurfjell, alto-/baritone saxophone/clarinet
Anna Malmström, clarinet/bass clarinet
Erik Dahl, piano/electronics
Viktor Reuter, double bass
William Soovik, drums/percussion

Lena Nowak, clarinet/bass clarinet at Musikens hus & Skeppet
Donovan Von Martens, double bass at Skeppet

Erik Dahl Ensemble – Live 29 september 2022

Recorded live at Musikens hus, Göteborg, Sweden, 29th of September 2022.
01.29 – The Fragile Ones
08.21 – Join The Dots
14.17 – Lagim

Gethenian Suite:

The Ice – Part 5 (of 6)

This is the fifth part of Gethenian Suite, filmed live at Kronhuset, Göteborg, Sweden, 24th of March 2018. The entire concert as well as trailers are available below. Enjoy!

Music: Erik Dahl
Video Projections: Ida Sondell
Film: Magnus Bergström
Lighting: Emma-Kara Nilsson & Otto Vilhelmsson

Gethenian Suite – Trailers:

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Gethenian Suite – Live video (entire concert):

1. Gethen
2. The Foretellers
3. Karhide
4. Orgoreyn
5. The Ice
6. Homecoming