Comforter - Immersive Performance at PlayLab / Ludokonst

Performances at 10am, 15pm, 18pm and 20pm

lördag @ 10:00

Skövde, Sverige

Buy Tickets 150-255 kr

Venue Info

Eric Ugglas plats 1
Skövde, 54150

When you need comfort, we are here.
Like a warm blanket. Like a cuddly toy. Like a caring friend. Like a parent.
We can help you. Art can help you.
We will be at your service. You are not alone.

Comforter is an immersive performance and an interactive experience where you are the only visitor.

In collaboration with Folkteatern, Future Media Theatres, Skövde Universitet och Skövde Konstmuseum och spelas på PlayLab i Skövde. Biljetter genom Folkteatern.

Saturday at 10am, 3pm, 6pm and 8 pm.