The New York Clock - 24h livestream

Erik Dahl: piano
Live and streamed concert. I will play 1AM CEST (the 25th) - 1 hour past midnight

lördag @ 23:55

Göteborg, Sweden

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Venue Info

Granåsgatan 2
Göteborg, 42244

It is a cutting-edge 24 hour silent film documentary of New York City. Played on a loop, the constant motion in the city that never sleeps is a cinematic city symphony. A project 10 years in the making, filmmakers Americk Lewis and Nicholas Sosin flew in 7 international artists, many from Paris. They spent over 10 months filming this art piece in 2015 capturing NYC in its 4 different seasons in 5 distinct boroughs. It never loses its vintage and almost timeless feel. In total, 1440 clips were selected by the directors and stitched together from a thousand unique perspectives and angles to make 24 hours, all synchronized to the time of day. The 24th of September we will show the whole film with pianist playing live to the film at House of Possibilitas, Granåsgatan 2, 422 44 Hisings Backa, Gothenburg. 24 hours of film, 24 pianist, 24th of September.


24th of September
12:00 Aringa Bagheri / Yesterday Bäck
13:00 Joona Toivanen
14:00 Madelene Birgenius
15:00 Helen Sällfors
16:00 Willy Wong
17:00 Lars Erik Norrström
18:00 Olesia Pupina
19:00 Ida Gillner
20:00 Sara Sjödahl
21:00 Val Giamo
22:00 Axel Olsson Jaded Jane
23:00 Daniel Stahre
24:00 Kajsa Åkerflo

25th of September
01:00 Erik Dahl
02:00 Billy Eriksson
03:00 Fabian Kallerdahl
04:00 Insomnia Taxxi/Emil Nilse
05:00 Olimpia Dybäck
06:00 Karin Johansson
07:00 August Moni
08:00 Ulf Nomark
09:00 Helena Sun
10:00 Anders Jansson
11:00 All My Friends Are Stars

In collaboration with Musikcentrum Väst and supported by Gothenburg City, All My Friends Are Stars, Possibilitas, Region Västra Götaland and Folkuniversitetet

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